Hearing Aids or Surgery?

The majority of patients with hearing problems can be fully and most appropriately helped with the use of properly-fitter hearing aids. Hearing loss in adults generally is not a medical condition – meaning that in the majority of cases, medical or surgical treatment will not provide relief.

In addition to this, most surgeries have side effects not limited to the destruction of the last of your natural hearing and are not recommended unless your hearing problem has escalated beyond the point that traditional hearing aids can treat.

With costs ranging from £15,000 – £60,000, surgeries can also be expensive. Even the most expensive and advanced hearing aids are thousands less and don’t carry the risks of invasive surgery.

No treatment can ever fully restore your hearing back to it’s original potential, and both surgery and hearing aids have their place. Surgery may be considered if you have profound hearing loss and your sound levels are low. Hearing aids are better for amplifying existing hearing, allowing you to better distinguish words that you can still hear.

Approximately 80 percent of adult patients with complaints of hearing problems cannot benefit from medical or surgical treatment but can be helped with hearing aids.