Here at Express Mobility we provide a range of daily living aids specifically designed to help those who have difficulty with mobility in their lives. It’s important that those of us who work within the mobility industry are aware of these useful products, this then allows us to tailor care to each and every individual. We also understand the importance of person to person care and that no two people are the same. We pride ourselves of providing a helpful, friendly and personal service to ensure that you receive the correct care for you.

From mobility scooters to can and tin openers, there is a large range of living aids. Simple yet effective products such as kettle tippers can become essential items in the home, for many elderly people who struggle with grasp & grip.

Mobility scooters and ramps are commonly used to help with travel for those with mobility issues. Due to mobility many people live in bungalows, which are not always large spaces, so trips outdoors along with visits to see family & friends are important – mobility wheelchairs and scooters make this possible.

A large range of modern senior products are widely available such as shower seats & stools, therapeutic aids, walking sticks and general household aids. Depending on the problems faced by each specific person there is the right guide out there to help each individual. Additional products which available are as follows, reaching aids, walking frames, food preparation aids, big button & amplified telephones and magnifying glasses & magnifiers.

Come into our well designed store, and let us help you get moving again.